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Backroom Sessions Miami | Established December 27th, 2016

Backroom Sessions MIA

Backroom Sessions MIA is a platform presenting local visual and performing talent in Miami. It was founded in December 2016 by Angelina Rivero and Bause Mason

They wanted to create a space where artists could come together and network. They also wanted to unify areas of Miami-Dade like Kendall and Westchester.

What We Have Done For Local Artists

Backroom Sessions MIA was born out of a desire to give up-and-coming talent a place to perform. Most opportunities to do so are in hot spots like Wynwood and South Beach, but 20-something Miami natives Bause Mason and Angelina Rivero knew that wasn’t the case for many of their fellow artists. They wanted to give them a chance to perform in their own backyard, so they created Backroom Sessions.

They started with a show in December 2016 at the Back Room in Angie’s parents’ restaurant, The Fish House Miami, on Miller Drive. Today, they’re a thriving organization, hosting multiple monthly shows, sometimes averaging 5-7 a week, each with its own niche and dedicated to the idea that art shouldn’t be limited to the most popular venues in the city.

While they’ve hosted shows in places like Lincoln’s Beard Brewery on Westchester and Jezebel Bar + Kitchen on South Beach, they try to find a venue that’s a little bit different every time. For example, they hosted a poetry show at a flower shop and done rap shows in warehouses like 1FiveTwo.

By elevating locals and giving them a stage they might not otherwise get, Backroom Sessions has done a lot for the local arts community. It’s an important part of the Modern Day Renaissance that Miami has started to embrace, and it’s clear that the city is taking notice.

The backbone of the project is the mission to “Put The Bottom Of The Map, On The Map.” They’re committed to that goal and have built a network of partnerships and relationships that unify areas of Miami-Dade such as Kendall, Westchester, and South Beach. They’re not trying to compete with the more well-known talent showcases in popular neighborhoods, but they want to give up-and-coming artists a place to play and build their brand. They’re doing this by putting on showcases at different spaces, and making sure they’re not only providing a stage for artists but also making it easy for the audiences to get to know them.

Our Origins

Backroom Sessions was founded in December of 2016 by a pair of 20-somethings with a lot on their minds. Angie Rivero and Bause Mason had a vision to bring Miami’s best and brightest in front of an audience. Today, they are one of the most admired and well respected event production companies in town. A big part of their success is their commitment to bringing the magic into the backyards of Miamians from all walks of life. The company produces a wide array of high-end, low-brow and everything in between events at venues from the fair to downtown. The team is also known for their innovative and creative marketing campaigns that have wowed locals and tourists alike.

Our Partnerships

In a city with plenty of options for live entertainment, the 20-something Miami millennials behind Backroom Sessions MIA noticed that local artists didn’t have many opportunities to showcase their talents in their own neighborhoods. So they started the talent and arts show in December 2016 as a way to rekindle their love for the creative arts, while unifying areas of Miami-Dade like Kendall, Westchester, South Beach, and Pinecrest.

They partnered with multiple vendors, sponsors, and venues to organize their shows. They also organize pop-up shows that promote the talent they feature and help local businesses coordinate live music and other events in their neighborhood. They even work with the county-partnered music stage at the Miami-Dade Fair & Exposition to program more than 45 hours of local performances each year. And they’re always looking for new partners, too. Their goal is to become the “Groundlings” of local talent, the places where local artists start and grow. And they’re already well on their way to accomplishing that goal. Follow them on Instagram to be in the know about upcoming shows!

Our Events

Backroom Sessions MIA has hosted a lot of events for local artists. Our online etiquette classes and breakout sessions have been popular, but we’ve also produced music events in the Miami area for musicians of all genres. One of our most popular series, Acoustic & Poets, has been taking place at new venues like Unseen Creatures since 2022 and long time rime favorites like Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company since 2017

For us, it’s all about showcasing the talent that we have in our backyard and giving them the stage to show off their stuff. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the biggest events in Miami to bring you the best talent around, including our fourth year partnering with the Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition (The Fair), The Perez Art Museum of Miami (PAMM), and dozens more

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