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Backroom Sessions

at the fair

ThAnk you for voting for this years finalists! we are proud to announce our 2020 Backroom sessions at the youth Fair winners...


Wimp is a band based in Miami, FL. They emulate an alternative sound while still bringing in elements to make their music feel their own.


Skate Shoes, a band from Hialeah, FL. The best bad skaters in the scene. Experts in ripped up shoes.

Skate Shoes

Vagrant Son.jpeg


Vagrant Son is an alternative and hard rock band from Miami, FL.

The Hattts.jpg

The hattts

The Hattts is an all-frontman psych punk band haunting Miami's FIU parking garages since last summer. We're Will (of Garbage Eaters), Josh (of The Creature Cage), and Danniel (of Bear) doing what you can't at home up on stage. It's like your favourite pair of pants, but for your head.

Check back in to find out all set dates and times for all of our artists and performers! This year is going to be even better than last year because...

We have more bands


and more stageS!

Congratulations to all of our finalists! Please give these talented artists a listen!


Tess grey

Tess Grey is a 16 year old prodigy from Miami, FL who produces and writes all of her own music.


The Carmics

Formed by former members of Harbour Drive, The Carmics employ the same aggressive edge but with more musicality and showmanship.


Alexa Lash

Alexa Lash is a singer/songwriter from Miami, FL with a little ukulele and a big voice.



Despirotta is a 70's influenced rock band based out of South Florida. Their modern take on classic blues defies the norm of modern rock, while still pumping you up through the night!

luis alberto.jpeg

Local Miami singer songwriter, born in Caracas, Venezuela; Luis brings his Cuban an eclectic mix of Latin rhythms, old school jazz & blues. Follow him on social media ig _lgmusic

Luis Alberto

Purple Soda.jpeg

Purple Soda

A high school band of four boys with big dreams. A soda a day does absolutely nothing, but it sure does taste good!

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